Front Cover of the Book
Front Cover of the Book
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 Since this book sold out both UK and US editions and the publisher decided not to reprint for such a niche market, it has been commanding crazy prices for second hand copies on the internet. The highest reported was on Amazon for $999.99. Whilst this is clearly unusual the book is regularly advertised for several hundred $s or £s.

For the last few years there has been a rising demand for a reprint at cover price – and at last, here it is.

The rights have now reverted to the author, Tim Rudman, and in collaboration with Silverprint Ltd of London he has arranged a reprint from the original files by a printer that will give the same high quality production as the original.

Despite inflation since this book was first printed in 2002 the cover price currently remains at £25.

" I can confidently predict there will never be another book covering toning techniques of this calibre" Martin Reed, Silverprint.

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Update May 2013.
Sold out.
 Available on 2nd hand market.

"One of the best organised and most informative technical books on photography I have ever read." Unblinking Eye